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Azamar 2nd Edition Progress Report – August, 2019.

We’ve hit two incredible milestones in the past few months… First, the writing and editing is almost complete of the Player’s Guide and we’re well into the Game Master’s Register. Second, we’ve had one test focusing exclusively on character creation back in April, and a few weeks ago we had an internal stress test of …

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Azamar 2.0: Progress Report

We have some cover art to tease you with, beautifully illustrated by artist Sean Vo for Azamar’s Player’s Guide, but first here is our latest news on our progress with Azamar. Here’s a link to Sean’s Professional Portfolio for those who are interested: Our team has almost completed both the writing and editing of …

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Azamar: The Beginning

The world began with only the gods walking upon it. Where they stepped, life sprang. From their steps came the first mortal race, the Autochthos. The Autochthos lived in the wilds, among the creatures, formed farms to harvest grains, and built civilizations and cities, to rule the lands. The world was peaceful, and the Autochthos …

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