Azamar 2.0: Progress Report

We have some cover art to tease you with, beautifully illustrated by artist Sean Vo for Azamar’s Player’s Guide, but first here is our latest news on our progress with Azamar.

Here’s a link to Sean’s Professional Portfolio for those who are interested:

Our team has almost completed both the writing and editing of Azamar the Player’s Guide, and we are about halfway through with Azamar the Game Master’s Register.

The plan is to publish the Player’s Guide and the Game Master’s Register at the same time.

We are breaking up the world of Azamar into several books for a cleaner and more refined game experience. We are also breaking up the books and adding new content to give us a chance to revise all the things we wish we had done right the first time.

The core books include the Player’s Guide and the Game Master’s Register. These two books will include everything you need to play the game.

Those who wish to continue exploring the world and wonders of Azamar will have these additional titles available in the near future as we work to produce them.

The Inferium (The Underworld of Azamar)
The Solstice (The Overworld of Azamar)
The Book of Fiends
The Adryan Tome of Magic
An untitled Adventure (#1)