Azamar: Expanded & Revised. First Quarter, 2022 Update.

What was the biggest takeaway from the crowdfunding campaigns we ran for our previous publications? “We should have had the book written and edited before we launched the campaign!” Learning from those past experiences, we’re approaching the second edition of Azamar much differently. Our primary goal is to have the Character’s Codex and the Game Master’s Companion fully written, edited, and with a complete layout before we even think about crowdfunding. That said, we’ll soon be releasing our beta drafts to those interested. We will have a more detailed update after this latest round of revisions.

The goals here are to use any successful crowdfunding money earned towards filling both books with beautiful full-color art, and to enhance the quality of our PDF’s and printed books.

Our 2020-2021 playtests have gone smoothly for the most part and the rules have been well received. We hit a few playtesting bumps with spellcasting and race-specific character features, as well with the way character wealth works. All those issues have been addressed, and we look forward to testing them again soon.

Here’s the breakdown of where we’re currently at:

Azamar Character Codex
1. Introduction: Player’s Primer. Complete.
2. Races. Complete.
3. Backgrounds. Complete.
4. Attributes and Skills. Complete.
5. Restrictions and Special Abilities. Complete.
6. Spells. Complete.
7. Equipment. Partially complete. Some equipment needs additional testing/updating.
8. Appendix A – Azamar Character Conversion. Will be finished on the final draft.
9. Glossary of Terms to Know. Complete.

Azamar Game Master’s Companion
1. Introduction: Game Master’s Companion. Complete.
2. Gameplay. Finalizing in-game examples.
3. Travel. Partially complete. Some minor revisions needed.
4. Major Characters. Some minor revisions needed.
5. Adventure Hooks. In development.

We hope everyone is safe and healthy; as we look forward to sharing this latest edition with you.

– The Wicked North Games team.

Azamar World Map. By Herwin Wielink, 2011.

Azamar World Map. By Herwin Wielink. 2011. (