1. Gerry says:

    If you all ready make it available via Drivethru, you should consider doing PoD there. That way you can offer the pdf, PoD, and a combo for both (once you get Westward done that is)

  2. Mike says:

    This magazine is very good. Quite a few gamers in Texas are talking about it. I got my four issues from a torrent site. A couple guys wanted to know if WNG would consider publishing d6 Magazine via Lulu.com saddle-stapled print versions so we can HOLD a copy and read it in bed, at work and on the can. You could even offer them at cost (non-profit). I know I’ll get every issue you publish. I think Lulu’s as simple as uploading a .pdf and setting print options (issue 1-5 hard back annual please!). In fact, I don’t think it costs you a dime. Anyway, I’m sure WNG has or is considering this already. Any ETA on #5?

    • brettski says:

      Mike – thanks for the very kind words regarding d6 Magazine! We’re working with what we have available, and we hope that it improves (and gets larger!) with every issue we’ve released. In case you missed it? Issue no. 5 went live last weekend (both on DriveThruRPG and our Website…) and now we’re outlining issue no. 6, which will have an American Gothic/Horror theme. Thanks for the Lulu.com suggestion, we’ve actually looked into that and had a discussion about the possibility – but right now our first and immediate goal is wrapping up Westward which should be due out April/March-ish. Let me know if you have any further questions?

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