Wicked North Games: An Update – is this thing on?

Hello everyone, it has been a while! I hope that all has been well in 2017 for everyone… and we wanted to take the time to draft an update about our current line of projects here at Wicked North Games. Here’s what’s going on:

– The adventure for Westward, the Hunt for Jill Strongarm has been scrapped, and placed on the backburner some time ago. We do have plans to return to Westward.
– Our Starfighter RPG project is currently on the backburner as well, as we’re currently updating our dice mechanics.
– The Cinema6 RPG Framework is being rebranded. We’ve been busy for the past year developing a new dice mechanic system that will really help speed up the cinematic gameplay.
– The Playtest! Last weekend – we playtested character creation, and a few rounds of combat to get used to the new mechanics. I’m happy to report, that things went very smoothly for the most part. Thanks to our dedicated team, we’ve generated a nice checklist of areas that still need some more work.

Our current project is updating and overhauling our very first setting, AZAMAR first published back in 2011… We’re pushing that setting into its Second Edition. The RPG mechanics that we’re playtesting and developing will also be applied to any future releases to WESTWARD (Published 2013) and the future STARFIGHTER project as well. Once we’re done with the dice mechanics, we’ll be rebranding the name of the mechanics and we’ll be continuing to update as we hit various milestones with AZAMAR 2.0. Currently, we have reached out to a few illustrators for some conceptual artwork for AZAMAR, and the cover art is at the beginning stages of development as well.

If you have any input at all, please do let us know! Please comment or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


The Wicked North team