SEP 02 2013

Start Playing d6!

cinema6Core, d6Variance, OpenD6
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Using the rules below, you can start playing a game with d6 today.  This is the first of many posts that introduces the basic rules of the Cinema6 v3, an OpenD6 variant.  Try it out now! The following Character sheet makes it easy to make a character without the Character Creation rules. Cinema6 Character Sheet…

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MAY 29 2013

Westward Update 5-29


So here we are at the end of May 2013; no promises, just an update on where we are and the current work estimates required to complete Westward. For the estimates on work required, you will see an ETA: X days. 1 Day = 8 hours of work. We are actively getting price quotes on printers…

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MAY 20 2013

Westward Illustration Blocks Update 5-20

OpenD6, Westward
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Here is a quick update on the incoming illustrations to fill the blocks in the layout. Take a look!